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The owner of this blog known as Bella. She is 16y/o who born with a perfect eyes.She loves to takes photos and love hanging out to shopping for upgrading her clothes as well.
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hubungan yg pulih :') It is a nightmare ><' I miss him very muchiee! changes made by time School Holiday ! it hurting me my besties ever after budak ta guna ~ R.I.M.A.S ! weett weett ^^

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TAK CUTE ! puikkk ! Tuesday, 26 March 2013 10:13 | 0 notes
hui hui huii!! nak tau kea apa yang tak cute??? muehehe. line maxis yang tak cute ni. bella dah dekat seminggu susah betul nak on call dengan moymoy. eii, geramm betul! rindu tau tau tak dekat dia?! grr. harini bella try call dia tpi masuk voicemail jea. jejak pkul 12 tgh mlm bru lah line ni okay. taik kucing betul! eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! bella nak nanges tpi teringat pulak bella kat sini kena kuat tak bole nanges, tak bole cepad marah. so hanya mampu sedih jeala skrg ni. hmm-5! bella dekat sini rindu sgd-3 dkat dia. agak-2 dia rindu kt bella jugak takk?? bella takut sgd klau dia brubah spnjg bella further study ni. untuk bella, bella yakin dgn diri bella cuma bella rsaukn dia. untk dia pulak, dia yakin dgn diri dia, tpi dia rsaukn bella, takut bella yg brubah hati ta tahan nk tnggu smpai 3 thn . bella tak mcm tu okayy. setakat ni, dia lelaki yang paling baik yang pernah aku kenal. hmmm. bella tak penaa kott seyakin ni dgn hbungn bella. dgn keadaan bella dgn dia yg jauh cmni. tapi bella tatau knapa wlaupun ktorg jauh, bella still yakin dgn hbungn ktorg ni. klau yg dgn llaki-2 sblum ni, even dkat pun bella tak pcya. tapi dgn moymoy, bella pcyakn dia. bella pcyakn dia lbih dr diri bella sndri. mlm ni sumpahh dah rindu sgd-2 . bella peluk beby and baju dia kuat-2. totally miss him!

***moymoy, beby, bella***

k lahh. dah ngantokk. moymoy punn tgh lena smpai dibuai mimpi agaknya.

last titipan untuk si dia <3

nite uolls ;)

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