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it hurting me Sunday, 1 April 2012 11:50 | 0 notes
have u ever been in crush with someone??? it hurts right when u have to keep it safely :3 
I believe it happens to almost everyone in this world ~ including me ^^
aku crush dgn someone yg aku pcye dea baik . aku ta penaa rse se yakin ni dkat lelaki tau . susah untuk pcye lelaki to baik . tpi kali ni aku pcye lelaki yg sorg ni baik . sayangnye, aku cuma crush jea dgn dea :)

sokey ... lgpunn aku tanak ape yg aku rse ni akan rosakkan friendship aku dgn dea . stiap friendship yg aku ade, aku msti na jaga baik2 sbb aku anggp bnde to stu bnde yg sgd suci tau ~
before this, I never realise that I'm having a kind of feeling that is hard for me to explain . smpai lha stu hr to when he save the day ^^ but, after that, I realise one thing ! aku ta patut rse cm to . hoii, ta layak kott .

believe me, I hate this feeling . trust me, I'm never ask for it . smtimes, rse jealous tpi cepad2 sedar . astaghfirullah . tpi seyes, klau sblm ni aku bole lupakan org yg aku syg, msti kali ni aku punn bole kann? nothing impossible with an effort . so that, first step --> deactivate acc fb 
second step --> 'ta pk lg'

mesti nnti smue org rndu aku kann? bhaha ! believe me, I'll miss you too guys ~ wakaka ! okay, aku sgd prasan . hemm, gonna miss my fb and anje so badly ~ ^^ target aku utk recover balik dlm stahun maybe . tpi tatau lha capai kea tidok target aku to . yealaa, mne penaa pisah dgn spupu aku sorg to lme2 . plg tak punn bape bulan jea . da slalu sgd keep in touch . *ecece, over kau bella . mcm na pegi alaska btahun jea gaya nye * 

tpi betol lha kan? aku amek mse stahun to utk recover balik . and dah alang2 to biala aku habeskan spm terus kan bru online balik? sbb klau da recover skali punn, takut klau online nnti feeling to dtg balik haaa . cmne to? aiyookk . time to lg lha rse cm na bunuh diri kans?? wakaka . aduii, jiwang katakk lha pulok mlm2 cenggini . haiyakk -.-'

atoto, hemm cmne ek? ta pelaa . bpegang pde kata2 lme spupu aku . 'time will heal it'
okay lhaa . thankies to readers yg sudi membaca ^^
~ goodnite ~


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