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The owner of this blog known as Bella. She is 16y/o who born with a perfect eyes.She loves to takes photos and love hanging out to shopping for upgrading her clothes as well.
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16th birthday what's wrong ? I've got the job ^^ APE KES ???? mencari kerja ><' mai sini dga nasihat ( 19 Nov 11 / 11:05 pm ?? hye guys !

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jum msuk sekolah ? ;) Tuesday, 27 December 2011 01:17 | 0 notes
  saya budak sekolah ^^ okay , ade mslah dgn statement to ? tak ada kan ? muehehe . rse excited pulok na msuk ckolaa balik kan ? bole jumpe mmbe-2 aku blik . tpy rse cm mlas punn ade gak sbb next year da thn last aku ckolaa . spm's victim ;/ okay , sgd nervous ! lg satu , cm ta ready lg na hadap dunia luar yg mcm-2 jenis org ada --' bahaya lhaaa ><

  okay , stop it . tukar cter lain pulok . it's about my bf .

   awk awk .. ape status kita skrg ni sbnr nye ? sye dkat sini bukan mayat hdup atau patung okay . sye tawu awk tgh on vacation skrg ni . tpy awk , dkat sana to tak ada cc kea ?? ish ish , sengkek betul kn negara to smpai cc punn tak ada :) klau yea pun num awk to ta dpat line dkat sana , kan awk da beli num sana kan ? sye tawu mahal na text sye . sbb time sye text n col awk punn mahal gile . tpy awk , ta salah kn klau awk send stu text jea dkat sye wish befday sye kann ?? kan kan ??

   awk na tawu tak , klau org lain mngkin da ta dpat sabar lg . tpy sye kne sabar sbb ?? sbb mngkin lpas ni sye da susah na dpat pngganti D to . lgpunn sai ckp sye kne sabar :) terpulang lha pde awk kay . awk bole pk kan ? sye ta mau susah kan awk . ta mau crik gaduh dgn awk . k , byebye <3


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