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The owner of this blog known as Bella. She is 16y/o who born with a perfect eyes.She loves to takes photos and love hanging out to shopping for upgrading her clothes as well.
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mai sini dga nasihat ( 19 Nov 11 / 11:05 pm ?? hye guys !

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mencari kerja ><' Monday, 28 November 2011 18:56 | 0 notes
     memandangkan tgh cuti ckolaa yg pnjg niey kan , aku punn sebok lha mencari kerja . survey sane , survey sini . smpai na unline fb punn terasa malas . hukhuk . rasa rndu gilee dkat cousin aku tuh FYDZA ( ANNE JAE ) . HEHE ;

     kejap lg punn aku na pegi interview . muehehe . abes , busan lha dduk umaa . bkn dpat ape punn , dpat besarkan bdn adelaa . baik kje kan ? klau na pegi mne-2 , shopping kea ta pyah mntk mak aku . ade fulus sndr dlm pocket . 

      HUHU ; okaylha , na gerak dlu , bye , lovee yeaahh , MMUAHH ------> anne # rindu kau lha macek ;)


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